It was a relaxing day in Plazma Burst 2,the user named MartinWalker was looking for a nice Co Leader for his clan Delta Force,He then met JuanTheRed,a EKAT member,Juan accepted Martin's request and joined DF as the Co Leader


Martin Planning

Martin Planning was the first event that happened in 2014,in wich Martin was planning on landing a attack on GSA's base,the plan was then criticized and sabotaged by Weapons Master who thought that he was going to attack GCS Martin yet failed his mission to attack the base,resulted in DF retreating back to another base

Martin on the Phone

Second event on DFs 2014,Martin was called by GSA Leader,noone of DF soldiers were present that event

Martin was informed that he sucked ass and that he was going to be defeated,Martin then procceeds to yell at Nickman and slams the phone

Martin,Juan and Weapons

In the third event,Martin is on his private room,when Weapons comes in the room and tells him that he shouldn't attack GCS,Martin yells that DF will not die to GCS,and rejects Weapons's offer,Weapons leaves and Juan comes in and informs him that Weapons is mad at him and that he will do anything possible to take him down,Martin yells at Juan to keep an eye on weapons while he slams his operating table 3 times,Juan procceeds to leave and does not obey Martin's order

New DF Leader and Martin Overthrown

The Fourth and Last event begins with Martin in his base,being threatened to be shot,Martin yells and rages at them,saying that they suck at being soldiers,then Martin procceeds to be killed on sight,Juan is then pick as the new DF leader,and Weapons as the Co Leader,2014 is now remembered as the "Dark Days of DF"