It was a good day in the DF chat,then Martin joined the room,and pissed off a few members,wich resulted in Martin going abused


Juan VS Martin

In the first event,Juan is challenged by Martin to a snipers duel,Martin is defeated 10-4

In the third and last fight,Martin lost 15-12

Martin vs Weapons

yet another fight that decides the fate of the DF leader,Martin loses 10-2

Weapons Overthrown

Weapons constant rage and shitty abuse,got him overthrown,then Killer174 came and took his place


Killabot is the Delta Force Bot created in 2015 by the new co leader Killer174

The American Army vs Delta Force

Martin's crazy failed attempts to regain control over his clan failed,so he decided to turn DF to dust with his own new clan,he yet lost the war as DF had many allies,Martin surrendered The American Army to DF,and his soldiers too

Martin joins DF

Martin was told he would be turned to dust because of his stupid crazy thoughts of DF,Martin joins Delta Force to prevent an accident

Delta Force VS DGK and Darkside

DF vs DGK and DS is yet another crazy war provoked by DF's popular fame,DF was challenged into a war with DGK and DS,it was a tough war,but in the end not only every DGK member died,but Darkside surrendered and helped DF

Delta Force vs MMC

DF decided to truce with MMC,but the leader BlackBird thought that Juan was a spy and he was spying on them,so a giant war broke out,MMC surrendered at the end and DF won the war


Downfall is the last event in DF's 2015 year,It begins with Juan in the chat becoming a great dictator,abusing on alot of people who do stuff he doesn't like,After months of suffering,DF members did a revolutionary plan,Martin was in it and it was about overthrowing Juan out,the rebellion yet failed