in March 2016,Juan the Red left DF,and the elected new leader was TheRoyalZealot,and the new Co Leader,Kazumo Akiyama


From Xat to Discord

Xat is now an unadvanced type of chat for the clan,wich sucks,so we decided to move straight to Discord

Martin and Brotbot dispute

this first happened in the Discord chat,where the council member,Brotbot pranked Martin changing his name to stuff like "Disney Olaf" "Crappy Shit" and "Happy Diarrhea"

Kazumo Akiyama and TheRoyalZealot

the new rulers of DF are here! we are currently working for a page for TheRoyalZealot so until now you can read Kazumo's page

Delta Force Rebels

DFR is the new Delta Force,Whilst the original died in 2014,revived in 2015,and finally we have the fourth revival

Delta Force Rebels until now has 5 Important members:

1.Zealot - The King

2.Kazumo - The Prince

3.Alexis - The Guard

4. Martin - Kazumo's abuse bitch