Martin Walker is the original Creator of the Delta Force Clan,he spent 3 years in Plazma burst 2 and has fought many opponents


Juan the Red

Martin worked with Juan a year and then was overthrown by his own clan,Juan and Martin are enemies by now,Martin spent alot of time trying to defeat Juan but everytime he does fight Juan,he ends up getting defeated

Weapons Master

Weapons master is Martin's worst enemy,as he was the one who got the clan against him and defeated him in a duel

Kolokek Raven

RaveN is a Delta Force soldier he has abused martin many times in the DF Chat because nerdy stuff

Kazumo Akiyama

Martin's best friend


Martin in Plazma Burst 2 in 2013 weared a Civil Security Boss Skin,and had his own standards,by picking ONLY rifles and pistols,now in 2016 Martin wears a Red Hero skin,he now forgot his standards and wears every weapon

Fight Records

Martin vs Juan: Loss

Martin vs Weapons: Loss

Martin vs Kazumo: Win

Martin vs Kurt:Tie
Marine Red

Martin's 2016 Skin

Civil Security Boss

Martin's 2013 Skin