RaveN is a DF General,he focuses more on the roleplay than in the missions


When RaveN isnt raging he is sometimes a bit mad and all but still remains normal


Hayne is Raven's most angry form,he takes the name of Hayne when hes raging,he abuses alot of people and spam loud noises,hes very mad person


Raven/Hayne in Plazma Burst 2 wears since 2015 a Major Usurpation Soldier,and STILL wears it in 2016


Juan the Red

Sometimes Bad He Shouts at him and begs for council wich ends up JUan's lie and Raven hates him for 3 days

Martin Walker

RaveN is a friend of Martin he spents time in the chat trying to convince him to turn into a famous videogame character

Usurpation Destroyer

Raven's 2014 Skin


Raven's 2012 Skin

Usurpation Soldier (Major)

RaveN's 2016/2015 skin