== Why Toxic?


Steven Universe is a really good show,it's really good,but the fanbase is just toxic, (Note not all the fans are toxic,but some are)

People find drawing the gems lighter (example:Garnet) bad and and so they use racism,rape threats and death threats,to freak you out,and according to some fans,men isn't allowed to watch the show,even fans began to attack each other because of fanart.

the tumblr user Zamii070 was a big fan of SU and she drawed a Skinny rose along with Steven and Greg,People cussed and insulted her for being "racist",even they sent rape threats,and death threats too,this actually caused Zamii070 to attempt suicide

Threats Proof:

Suicide Proof: (Her last tumblr message)

Luckily,a user tipped her parents off and she was taken to a hospital before she was able to complete the deed. However,even after her suicide attempt,Tumblr's hate against her did not dismish

Insults proof:

                                                         This Toxic fandom got someone to attempt suicide because

                                                         she drawed a skinny rose,can you believe it? the show is good

                                                          But this just ruins everything,thats all,have a nice day